Feature Films, Commercials, Music Videos, and Short Films.

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Machina Cinema is a multimedia company based in San Antonio, Texas. Our body of work includes feature films, music videos, commercials and more.
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Stage V

Official Trailer released. "Stage V" set to be released Fall of 2016. Visit the Stage V Website  
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Girl In A Coma – Adjust

Girl in a Coma "Adjust" Halloween music video. Co-Directed by Lawrence Mercado and Buddy Calvo.
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Chris Haley and Nina Duran star in the latest music video from Phonolux in a story of obsession and fantasy.
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Music Video for the single "Hurricane" by Phonolux.

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Still busy

So the last few weeks have been a blur. We started working with HeartFire Media and have worked on a couple projects including the Fiesta Flambeau Parade. We are currently in Post Production for that project. We are also working with PAM Media Consultants on a couple...

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So, I just noticed that I hadn't posted in here in almost a month, well 20 days but that's a long time in the social media world. We've been pretty busy over at Machina Cinema to say the least. We've had a couple pretty big meetings and are dealing with legalities for...

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The new Stage V Trailer is here.

So as of this posts we haven't even uploaded the trailer to our website or this website but the new trailer is up on our Facebook page so go check it out here. Yes we love waiting till the last minute to get everything done so an original release time of 5pm turned...

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