So I made the final push in the trailer edit for Stage V this past Saturday. I spent the whole day working in After Effects and then I spent Sunday putting together the trailer. Well I came to find out that I really liked the trailer I put together but one is never enough. So after hanging out with some friends for a birthday party it was back to the editing room to work on a brand new trailer, oh and this started at 10pm last night. So here I am starting a brand new edit at 10pm because I was in the mood and when the feelings right to edit you can’t fight it. I stayed editing til I was finish and honestly thats something I never do. Usually I just get tired and will come back to it whenever I feel like it but that’s the thing, I felt like working on this (and it was due today 🙂 so I got the job done. Well I am happy to say that the trailers are done and are currently being uploaded to our color and audio team.

Ever onward