Sure technically we haven’t even finished out Stage V. At this point we are just putting the finishing touches on Color and VFX/SFX and then we sell but recently we got together with our inner circle and they love the idea for the sequel. Now outside of this circle (about 5 people) no one knows what the sequel to Stage V is about (and thats the way we want to keep it). To be honest the film could stand alone and it would be just as powerful (if not more…does that make sense?) but it is nice to draw inspiration and some easter eggs from part one. I’m not sure when the mood will strike me to write but I’m thinking I can turn out a treatment by April 1st and possibly a first pass at the script by July 1st. No reason to rush this and if I’ve learned anything its that the script will change again and again and again. When will we shoot? Who knows but we have some serious fire power in our potential cast and crew. It’s late. Im going to bed.