So the other night I finally put the finishing touches on the score. This is a process that took me 4 months to complete. I can not even begin to think how many hours a day I spent on writing and recording. From doing pieces with live instruments and musicians to locking myself away for hours at a time to get through a scene. I’ve never experienced something of this magnitude but I’m glad I finally did. I’ve been a musician since I was a child and writing music on the piano has always come pretty natural to me. I understand now more than ever how much the score affects a film and I look forward to continuing this process in the years to come. But for now, thank god its over. hahaha.

The score was sent to my good friend and audio engineer Art Guillermo Jr. and he is already hard at work at mixing it in. The only processes left for our film is the color and SFX.

Hope to have the film fully finished by February 1st.



A new teaser trailer and full trailer should be dropping in February as well.