So it really is great to see a film come together. I forgot who said it but a movie is made three times. When you write it, when you film it and when you edit it. I was fortunate enough to be involved in all three of those aspects of Stage V and although writing is still my least favorite of the three, Post Production is my second least favortie. At least with writing you have the option to do it all yourself and be in control of getting it all done. When it comes to post you don’t really have that luxury (nor do you really want it). You have to find the right team to make the magic happen in post and I never realized that in the past to the extent of Stage V. Yes I edited the film and scored the film and I really do love that process but when it comes to sound design, foley, SFX, VFX, Coloring you have to turn to the professionals and thats a good thing. Without the team that has been working on the film in post who knows where we would be?!? But I have to admit it is a hard process to sit and wait for the magicians to work there magic. I love being hands on and I am a bit of a control freak┬áso to sit on the sidelines takes a lot out of me. I suppose Im just excited to get the film done and sold and out there. Ever onward.