2018 marks the start of something special here at Machina Cinema. This year marks the FIRST time our entire team leaves the comfort of the day job and fully embarks on everything Machina Cinema FULL TIME!!! We have been in the office daily since December 1st 2017 and plan to do so from here on out. So whats been going on?


  1. 2018 marks the official release of our latest feature film “Stage V”. The International release date was January 1st and January 15th, 2018 for over 45 countries around the globe.
  2. The official motion picture soundtrack for “Stage V” was also released this month on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google and other music platforms.
  3. Our latest short film “Somos sus Amos” is being submitted to film festivals all over the country
  4. Our next short film is near script lock as we are excited to begin shooting in late June 2018

And as always we are either in the office or on set taking care of our existing clients and building relationships with new clients providing creative content and fast video solutions.

2018…we’re here. Don’t talk about it be about it.